Site Access and Residential Areas

As you may know, developers have been on site at the Garrison for a while, however things have taken a step up a gear with the access for vehicles opened up onto Sheerlands Road to allow the building of the school to get going.

One concern residents close to the development site have always had is to ensure the safety of residents, especially around the open areas at the top of Sheerlands Road around the junction with Baird Road. This is where the number 3 Leopard Buses turn round, and there are often residents, both adults and children heading to the bus stop, children coming to and from the pre-school in the Community Centre, and adults and children making use of the open space.

As part of this the council was asked to ensure that the many large lorries that will be going to and from the site avoided these areas and came in and out of the site from Sheerlands Road directly onto the A327 which they agreed to, rather than driving in from Langley Common Road, onto Biggs Lane, then onto Princess Marina Drive, onto Baird Road and then onto Sheerlands Road.

imageTherefore it was a bit of a surprise to find notices directing contractor vehicles to the site turn up at the Sheerlands Road junction with Baird Road. The sign is pretty small, therefore it was not surprising today to find an articulated lorry missed the sign and ended up driving into the Army Housing area. We’ve also had reports of lorries turing into the car park of the community centre where the pre-school is based.

Other development sites have large signs clearly stating that contractor vehicles should not use certain roads – the Arborfield Garrison School development have none of these. Sat-nav on vehicles coming from Reading will obviously take them in from Langley Common road, so we need signs on the Langley Common Road roundabout with the A327 immediately to ensure the contractor vehicles are using the correct access routes before a child is run over or an accident caused by a contractor vehicle driving through a residential area.

If you are a resident of the Garrison area there should be no contractor delivery vehicles moving through the residential area. Any that do are not following the agreed plan, so please get in contact and pass on details of the vehicle and we can pass on details to the council to ensure that the contractors are reminded about the correct route to use. This needs to be done quickly to ensure incorrect routes are not established, and especially to prove to residents that the council is serious about addressing and responding to residents concerns, ensuring the safety of those adults and children who will have to live close to this development for many years to come. A situation where lorries are getting lost in housing estates and driving into car parks of pre-schools cannot be allowed to continue.

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