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As the development work has expanded we’ve had a number of queries about vehicles not where residents think they should be, and work being undertaken outside the hours that are allowed, so we have clarified this with the council. The agreed movement plan for vehicles on the development that was approved by the council does include Sheerlands Road, Baird Road and Princess Marina Drive past St Eligius Church as an approved route, however after complaints from residents Crest Nicholson have subsequently agreed that the route should not be used, and have put up signs to that effect at the roundabout on Biggs Lane, and at several other points around the Garrison area. Any issues with “lost” vehicles should be raised up through the [email protected] email address in the first instance – although there are quite a few vehicles that seem to quite regularly get lost in exactly the same way…

With regards to working hours, the approved working hours on the development are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm
Saturday: 8am to 1pm
Sunday and Public Holidays: No Work Allowed

Any work outside these hours has to be previously agreed with the council, and will generally be for short periods for specific tasks, for example last year Crest were given permission to work on a Sunday to catch up with utilities work.

If work is occurring outside those hours it should be reported via [email protected].

It is worth noting that Wokingham do take this seriously and have taken enforcement action against Crest Nicholson previously when they were working on a Sunday in contravention of planning consent at their site in North Wokingham back in 2014. That address can also be used for any more general problems, or if you feel that your issue is not being properly dealt with by the developer.

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