Going for a Swim in Arborfield

You may have noticed if you read the big Conservative advertisement feature on the outside of last weeks Wokingham Paper that among their list of achievements they list a swimming pool at Arborfield. Now whilst we have lakes and ponds on the new development we weren’t aware of a pool.

The Council Executive voted unanimously to build a pool in 2014 so even if it hasn’t been built quite yet, maybe we can find out where it will be.

First stop the operators of the newly opened Arborfield Green Leisure Centre – not anything on their website, nothing about a great new swimming pool.

Maybe it’s going somewhere else? Let’s check out the District Centre consultation, surely Crest would be trumpeting a swimming pool. No, not anything there either.

Maybe they’re being ironic and by Arborfield Pool they mean one of the large potholes that are littering the roads around the village?

Or maybe the big hole they’re currently digging at the corner of Sheerlands Road and Baird Road is what they think is the Arborfield Pool?

Suffice to say, four years after they agreed it, the only place Arborfield Pool seems to exist is in the Wokingham Conservatives list of achievements.

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