A Thought Experiment

We’ve heard a number of comments describing the clean, positive campaign being mounted by our Conservative candidate over the past few days on the doorstep. Putting aside the fact that their campaign seems to have degenerated into a protection racket trying to frighten voters – vote for David Edmonds or else we won’t fund anything for Arborfield – lets conduct a little thought experiment about what will happen if what they are saying is true.

First off, the council is not allowed to offer different treatment for services to either wards that vote for them, nor punish them by not repairing potholes, collecting fly tipping, or collecting rubbish at a different rate. The Labour leader of Rochdale council is quite rightly facing a standards probe for doing just that.

Moving on to the threat to vote down investment in Arborfield, just pause for a moment and think of where in Arborfield this investment will be. First we have Barkham Bridge – the clue here is in the name, it’s in Barkham, a ward that will still have exactly the same Conservative councillor on Friday morning as it’s not up for election. The new schools coming as part of the Arborfield Green development are similarly in Barkham and as academies will be funded from central government anyway. The whole of the District Centre on the Arborfield Green development is all in Barkham. The new Community Centre, in Barkham. Even the location for the medical facilities that we may or may not get is in Barkham ward. Is Cllr John Kaiser really childish enough to want to punish his residents for decisions made by Arborfield residents?

The only significant bit of infrastructure coming to Arborfield itself is the relief road, something that will have wide benefit for the borough as a whole. Think for a moment if the Conservatives don’t build the road because Arborfield didn’t vote for their candidate, are the residents of Wokingham, sat in the inevitable traffic jam through the village going to be begging Arborfield residents to do as they’re told by the Conservative party and vote for the Conservative candidate in future? What do you think?

Bluntly it’s depressing that the standard of elected politicians of as many years of experience as Cllr John Kaiser, and people who want to be our representative like David Edmonds has fallen so low that all they can come up with at this point in a campaign is behaving like school playground bullies, threatening Arborfield voters that they will be punished if they don’t vote as they’re told to.

Grow up.

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