What Comes Next?

Whatever happens in Arborfield tomorrow, we will still have the same Conservative administration in power, and their plans for the next phase of borough housing development which were revealed previously will continue to move forward as they have been behind the scenes during the election campaign.

Although the potential 15,000 houses at Grazeley and the development on the edge of the green belt around Twyford have attracted attention, the Arborfield Garrison SDL creep towards Barkham village on the Barkham Square will have the biggest impact for those of us in Arborfield.

Particular points to bear in mind is that the site in Barkham could take up to 1000 additional houses over and above the 3500 already planned for Arborfield Green. It’s also worth remembering that the route for all these new residents is likely to be straight out onto Langley Common Road, so most people going to Reading will more than likely be straight up School Road and down the Reading Road rather than driving in the wrong direction to get onto the bottom of the bypass which is very much positioned for traffic coming out of Arborfield Green via Nine Mile Ride Extension which won’t go anywhere near Barkham Square.

Our current councillor has already been involved in discussions over Barkham Square and has explicitly listed the SDL creep development as something he is opposing. The Labour candidate has said nothing about anything, and our Conservative candidate is opposing housing development in Arborfield but has been conspicuously not referring to the Barkham Square development which is potentially ten times the size of the one he actually opposed.

The next stage of plans will be up for consultation later in the year. Whoever we have as our councillor it will be important we as local residents have our say.

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