Our Concerns

We are concerned about several things:

  • the building of 3500 homes, three schools and a large supermarket in our quiet rural community
  • the proposed start date for construction is 2012 – yet the MoD will not move out of the Garrison before 2013 at the earliest – if at all. This means the necessity of starting this development on greenfield sites in the area
  • if the MoD decides not to move the Garrison (a possibility raised by both the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties nationally as a cost-saving measure), the brownfield sites will not become available and we will be left with a non-viable community of several hundred extra houses having been built on greenfield sites but no supporting infrastructure
  • the damage to local wildlife that will be incurred by the loss of mature trees and green space
  • the increased flood risk due to the loss of green space
  • the increased risk to the safety of children currently living in the area from increased traffic including heavy construction vehicles
  • the proposed re-routing of the 144 bus route to go along currently unsuitable roads such as Whitehall Drive and Tyler Drive and the increased traffic and risk to children that will result
  • the possibility of significantly increased traffic around the SDL as there is only talk of a relief road towards Reading (but no funding for such a road) and no mention of mitigating increased traffic towards Wokingham, south on the A327, east along Nine Mile Ride or west through Swallowfield

What can you do? Object! Please see our ‘How Can I Respond?‘ page for names, addresses and possible points to include in your letters. The formal period may have passed but with a local election in Arborfield on May 6th, and a General Election on the same day, make your views known. The housing strategy for the South East came from national government, the allocations divided by a South-East regional quango, and the actual locations decided by our local borough council in Wokingham, so challenge the politicians and candidates at all levels. In both elections the people we elect on May 6th will represent us for at least the next four years.